Going freelance and working online are not easy. Income woes ebb and flow. It's not a smooth sailing situation.

Before signing up on any online job site and writing gig, do some research. Look for reviews of the site you're interested in. Weigh the negative and positive comments. If you find the site legitimate (minimal, if not zero, bad reviews), then that's a good signal to join. Otherwise, be cautious if you wish to proceed. 

Hopefully, your employer is not a virtual predator who takes advantage of other people. S/He can always say that your work isn't good enough even if you know that's not the case since you've worked hard on that particular assignment. Thus, before accepting an online job offer, make sure there's a contract with a provision that requires your "employer" to pay you for the time you spent working for him or her. Agree on incremental payments until the project gets done. This will help ensure that you are being paid for your service.

If you're not the kind of writer who spins articles, you know your effort is a valuable capital itself. Ask for a minimum deposit first before you proceed. Value that trust and make sure you deliver though. Do not send everything yet until he or she pays you. However, revisions should not cost anything though. If you don't wish to be fooled, then don't fool your employer as well. 

Also, join different sites and/or explore various ways to earn online. Again, just make sure they are all legitimate and have more good reviews than bad ones. 

Take good care of your health as well. Have ample rest, for writing is a very mental process and the brain is such a hungry organ. Rest your eyes every now and then as well. The radiation from the computer screen can harm one's sight and energy. So, get some breaks for your own good. 

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