Monday, October 14, 2019

Employee Resignation is Not Always About Money

Article Summary: A measly income can drive a worker to quit. However, corporate culture, pursuit of individual goals, and human conflicts can cause the same. 

There are many factors that drive workers to resign.

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Though having a job that provides "survival" income may seem enough for many struggling workers, such is not the case. Work itself, especially one that brings unhappiness, often leads to a feeling of alienation, i.e. a detachment of purpose and the sense of being human. Indeed, not a few left a job because it did not pay well. However, low salary is not the only reason why employees leave their jobs. The other whys may include the following:

  •  Corporate culture
  •  Personal Growth and Happiness
  •  Intra- and interpersonal conflicts
  • Mismatched expectations, including the sense of being alienated from the organization's vision, mission, and goals (VMGs)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Preparing Your Child for the SAT: Some Tips for Parents

Review materials for SAT
Whenever I do my writing assignments, I often surf for online earning opportunities during self-imposed breaks. Just recently, I bumped into three job posts related to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). These ads got my attention because I have already started dealing with the logistics of having my daughter take said examination early next year. It is her dream to have her college education in the United States (US). To achieve this, she needs to take the SAT. 

One of the job posts I found specified creating a curriculum for a 50-hour study session, the other ad wanted examination items, and the last one was about online tutoring for the SAT. I only applied for the test item making work. Fortunately, I received an immediate reply. However, it wasn't a good offer.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finding Work for Free through Online Job Sites

Find work online for free.*

With a computer and Internet connection, people can readily explore the cyber world. Among the information they can get are job vacancies. Almost everyone can benefit from websites that offer these jobs. Employers looking for new hires, employees or workers who need additional income, and the unemployed finding another boss often visit these sites. Stay-at-home parents, students, fresh graduates, and retirees also frequent them to find either part-time or full-time online work.

The Digital Workplace - Job Sites, Virtual Bosses, and Online Workers 

Internet-based employment sites either require registration or are easily accessible. Many do not charge fees. Otherwise, it is best to be cautious before subscribing, as there have been scamming incidents where subscribers get ripped off.

Similarly, there are issues with virtual employers. Some tend to give vague, if not ambivalent, instructions as to what they want their assistant(s) to do. Others fail to pay after a certain task is done or pay little like those who give online writers only US$1 per "original" article.

Likewise, hiring people online has its own set of problems. These may include failing to complete an assignment on time, cheating on work hours, or overcharging.